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Fleece you can sink your hands into!

All of our wool is produced from our own herd of Alpacas and is processed to a very high standard at a local mill.

Whether you are a hand-spinner, weaver, knitter, or fiber artist, you will enjoy our selection of the finest fiber in every stage found here; on the animal, recently shorn raw wool, or cleaned and spun into skeins or rovings of all-natural non-dyed yarn. 

If you prefer to dye your yarns into beautiful colors I recommend our pure white alpaca wool. We can have the wool mailed to you in any degree of preparation that you prefer for your hobby - raw just washed, washed and carded, or washed-carded-and spun into skeins, including rovings for hand spinners.

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Skeins of 100% ALPACA yarn

4 oz. each
100% White, Beige or Fawn Alpaca  $12

 Skeins of yarn

 White Blend: $12

90% Alpaca, 10% Nylon and Bling

Skeins of yarn

4 oz. each 
3-ply Beige and Brown Blend $12

90% Alpaca, 10% Cafe Merino-Tencel

Skeins of yarn

4 oz. each 
Heather Beige Blend $15

300 yards each


 4 oz. White Rovings: $15


16 oz. Brown Blend Rovings: $45
75% Brown, 20% Merino, 5% Nylon

Alpaca Teddys
Small - $15
(all other sizes sold out)