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We are very proud of each individual alpaca on our farm.  Each breeding in the past was carefully selected for healthy and strong crias.   We are very passionate about our animals and will only sell to serious clients.


When buying our alpacas you will get all the support that you need.  Only when we and the client are satisfied that all aspects have been covered will we sell, but that’s not the end of the story. We also provide an after sales care service, offering advice and support when necessary and visits can also be arranged. We are only a phone call away. Each purchased alpaca will be delivered to your home with no delivery charge within a 200 mile radius of Burton, Ohio.


Please view below to navigate to a photo and full details of each animal. Feel free to call us if you require any further information on our alpacas.

PACKAGE PURCHASES – Perfect for the starter, or an established farm that wishes to push the envelope.  We can arrange an individual package for you – so you can personally select animals and we will give you a fantastic break on the pricing.

FIBER MALES – Fiber males are certainly worth their weight in gold, but we have too many and would like them to find good homes where fiber enthusiasts can enjoy their product first hand!  Multiple animals means huge savings here, too.


Belvedere - $1,000
Born: July 27, 2006
Sire: Peruvian Full Intent
Dam: Codi's Dephi

Color: True Black

Beautiful Belvedere is a sweet tempered, easy to handle full Peruvian black female that will add much value to your herd. She is a Peruvian Silvio grandaughter on her sire's side (MFI Peruvian Full Intent) and Peruvian The Saint on her dam's side. Her dam is on my farm and always births the best of the best. When I took her fiber to the mill to be processed into special yarn, the mill owner was frankly amazed at the softness of her fiber, stating this was one of the best TRUE BLACK fleeces she ever had the pleasure of working with. Then the first show I sent a skein of this yarn to (MOPACA) it not only got first place, but Judge's Choice!! See and feel for yourself - I am very proud of this one. Great conformation, great fleece, true-blue black and ready to breed! Don't forget her lineage of silver grey's. Take advance of this price.

Awards Received - Belvedere
2008 - 2nd place Heartland Classic - Indianapolis
2009 - 1st place MOPACA for her yarn
2009 - Judge's Choice MOPACA for her yarn


Devine - $1,000
Born: July 21, 2000
Sire: Peruvian Accoyo Amadeus
Dam: Peruvian Juana

Color: White

This full Peruvian, half Accoyo is one of our production females. She has won several ribbons without even entering the show ring – her fleece does the work for her. Her two cria born on our farm are winners, too. Judges comments on her fleece "well defined locks, consistent crimp throughout, great to spin!" She is conformationally correct.

Awards Received - Devine
1st Place Western Extravaganza Fleece Spin-Off 2004
1st Place OABA Spin-Off 2003
2nd Place MOPACA Spin-Off 2004
3rd AOBA Nationals Spin-Off 2004

Taffy - $1,000
Born: December 1, 2002
Sire: Peruvian Donatello
Dam: Peruvian Tina

Color: Light Fawn/Beige

This beautiful light fawn is as soft as a cloud with incredible coverage from her gorgeous topknot to her toes. Her sire, Peruvian Donatello, had an import micron of 19.7 – no wonder her fleece melts in your hands! Taffy is an attentive mother, with fine fleece.

Awards Received - Taffy
3rd AWE Fleece Spin-off 2005
2nd MOPACA Fleece Spin-off 2005
1st AOBA Nationals fawn yearling 2004
2nd OABA Fleece Spin-off 2003
4th OABA Halter 2003
6th New York Empire Extravaganza Halter 2003

Miri - $1,000
Born: June 25, 2005
Sire: Peruvian Camelot
Dam: Pervian Taffy

Color: Medium Brown


Peruvian Miri is a sweet, beautiful, tall, graceful, medium brown female who will be a welcome addition to any farm. She has a friendly personality and her fleece has plenty of crimp and density. Miri's sire is the well known Peruvian Camelot from Stachowski's farm who produces award-winning cria. You will NOT be disappointed with this beautiful alpaca.

When the judge in the Michigan show placed her, he said she had great conformation and fine fleece, with consistency of length and uniform crimp in her fleece from skin to tip. 

Awards Received - Miri
5th place - Michigan International Alpaca Show (out of 8)

Mystique - $1,000
Born: October 9, 2002
Sire: Peruvian Cordero
Dam: Peruvian Dark Secret

Color: Beige

This shy beauty is 1/2 Accoyo and full Peruvian. Royal Peruvian Mystique was never shown and it's a shame. She has style, grace, fleece, conformation, and COLOR in her background. Her sire, full Accoyo Peruvian Cordero was bred to a TRUE BLACK full Peruvian dam Dark Secret. What a secret this is, since she can now throw color, and with the fabulous Accoyo genetics she won't disappoint you. Choose any one of Welshfield farm's herdsires, including full Accoyo Caligula's Stonewall for a winning cria.

Delphi - $1,000
Born: February 6, 2003
Sire: Peruvian The Saint
Dam: Peruvian Jyll

Color: Dark/Medium Brown

Delphi's first born is a Royal Fawn male who is one of the top cria's born on the farm. All of her cria born on the farm have been winners. 

Morgan Fairchild - $1,000
Born: August 1, 2007
Sire: S.I. Alcatraz
Dam: Peruvian Taffy

Color: Medium Brown


Peruvian Morgan Fairchild is more beautiful than her namesake, gorgeous long dark hair (fleece) and a petite conformationally-correct body. She is a full Peruvian out of Remington's SI Alcatraz, and her dam's side is Peruvian Taffy so she has Donatello's bloodline also.

Morgan has ultra fine fleece and is a fiber-spinner's delight. She has a sweet personality, is very easy to handle, and has no bad habits. Morgan is not the alpha female in my herd and never starts a battle. She truly has a nice temperment and will be a fine addition to any farm - established or just starting out. She's ready to breed to any herdsire of your choosing on my farm for free.

Vanilla Skyy - $1,000
June 30, 2006
Sire: Peruvian Accoyo Storm Goer
Dam: Peruvian Taffy

Color: Light Beige


The Skyy is the limit! Vanilla Skyy is a beautiful and sweet 1/2 Accoyo daughter out of MFI Peruvian Accoyo Storm Goer from Magical Farms which means her grandsire is the famous Peruvian Don Juan (full Accoyo!). Her dam is our own Peruvian Taffy who is light fawn and has been awarded several ribbons before her cria-creating career took over. Skyy has lustruous white fleece, correct conformation, and a gentle personality. She is ready for the show ring, or to be kept happy on the farm producing beautiful cria for you. She of course comes with a free breeding to any of Welshfield Alpacas herdsires, and I would suggest Caligula's Accoyo Stonewall. Call for a visit so you can personally look at these fine animals.

Rhianin - $1,000
Born: August 28, 2003 
Sire:Peruvian Cordero
Dam: Peruvian Devine

Color: White


Words can’t explain her fleece – you must put your hands on this gorgeous full Peruvian ¾ Accoyo lady to fully appreciate her. She stands proud and has correct conformation. Her shiny white fleece has superior crimp, handle, and density. A few of the comments the judges made were “exquisite fleece, consistent crimp from skin to tip, great handle, soft, AND she has attitude!”. She placed 2nd at the 2004 MAPACA white juvenile halter class – exceptionally large class.. At the 2004 AOBA nationals Judge Mike Safely placed her “7th” and would not let her leave the ring, as he wanted to point out her good qualities to the audience and said she was deserving of a ribbon, too. Her legs were stovepipe straight when she was born and we expect her to pass her phenomenal genetics on. In November of 2006 my 3/4 Accoyo (Rhianin) bred to full Accoyo (Stonewall) produced a female that is stunning - she could be her twin, and will be sold with her. She is open for another breeding to Stonewall or the champion of your choice. 

Awards Received - Rhianin
2nd MOPACA Fleece Spin-off 2005
2nd MAPACA halter 2004 (large class of whites)
2nd Fleece – Geauga County Fair 2004
2nd OABA Fleece Spin-off 2004
4th Kentucky Classic 2004 (first show)

Accoyo Alli – $1,000
Born: November 3, 2006
Sire: Caligula's Accoyo Stonewall
Dam: Pervian Rhianin

Color: White


Gorgeous, just like her dam (Rhianin) this 7/8 Accoyo, full Peruvian beauty is just waiting to be bred. Her sire is Caligula's Accoyo Stonewall and Alli's dam is my own Peruvian Rhianin (so her dam and great-dam are on my farm if you want to see how beautiful they are, too!). Her great-dam's sire was the well known Accoyo Amadeus.

Alli is striking in every way and her fleece has shine, density, and loads of crimp. She will be a wonderful addition to any breeding program.


We have several fleece males available for sale at this time.

LaBron’s Magic - $1,000

Stud Fee: $250
Born: June 12, 2007
Sire: Peruvian Black Magic
Dam: Peruvian Beverlee

Color: True Black

One of the sweetest males on my farm, I named him LaBron because he showed off his athletic abilities from the moment he was born. Beautiful conformation, fine fleece, and many have commented on how BLACK he is, from skin to tip. No wonder, his sire is Peruvian Black Magic, and his dam is my medium fawn Peruvian Beverlee. He inherited Beverlee's quiet demeanor and gentle personality and all who visit the farm simply fall in love with him. His fleece is ultra fine and he has ample crimp. I combined his fleece with my one black female's and had it spun into yarn, which not only earned a first place ribbon at MOPACA's show this year, but a Judges Choice award! That yarn also was awarded 4th place at the 2009 International Alpaca Show in Cleveland.
He's ready to breed and pass on his fine genetics.

 Awards Received - LaBron’s Magic
 1st place yarn - 2009 MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show
Judges Choice yarn - 2009 MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show
4th place yarn - 2009 AOBA/International Alpaca Show
5th place halter - 2009 Indiana (IAA) Heartland Classic Show

Foxfire - $500

Born: June 2, 2006
Sire: Royal Peruvian Apollo
Dam: Peruvian Beverlee

Color: Fawn

Another stunning Apollo offspring, and grandson to the famous Peruvian Royal Fawn, he has a sweet personality along with perfect conformation and fleece that the judge said was "consistent throughout and has loads of density. He is easy to work with and has no bad habits. Everyone that visits the farm loves this one. I have too many fawn males, otherwise I wouldn't let him go! 

Awards Received - Foxfire
3rd Place 2007 Michigan Int'l Alpacafest - Light Fawn Yearling Male (large class)
3rd Place 2007 AOBA Nationals - Light Fawn Yearling Shorn Males

Stolli Vanilla (7/8 Accoyo) - $500
Born: September 20, 2006
Sire: Calugula's Accoyo Stonewall
Dam: Peruvian Devine

Color: White

Wow - Full Peruvian and 7/8 Accoyo - This young male will be a great addition to any farm; small and growing or large and improving. Stoli has a typey head, superb conformation, and a sweet personality to boot. His wonderful white fleece is dense and the bold crimp has extreme shine. His grandsire is the well known west coast Peruvian Caligula (now deceased) and we are fortunate enough to have his son, Caligula's Accoyo Stonewall, who is proving himself to be an outstanding sire himself. Stoli's dam, Peruvian Devine, is on my farm and I invite you to take a look at her who, born in 2000, can easily be confused with the younger female alpacas.

Robert Redford - $500

Born: June 14, 2007
Sire: Achilles
Dam: Peruvian Tina

Color: Fawn

This beautiful medium fawn male is sure to win your heart. He has style, personality, fleece galore, and stands out in the crowd. His great-grandsire is Peruvian Royal Fawn, and his sire Achilles is right here on the farm so you can see for yourself what to expect from this guy. Redford's dam is a Peruvian import that consistently gives birth to top of the line cria for me. Peruvian Robert Redford went to his first show in May and was awarded a fifth place in a class of 10. The judge said he has "consistent crimp throughout, from head to tail and skin to tip, and it is very fine", and that he has "great conformation". How's that for a winning combination? 

Awards Received - Robert Redford
5th Place - Buckeye Show 2008 - Medium Fawn Juvenile Male (out of 10)

 Good Karma - $500
Born: May 17, 2008
Sire: Caligula's Accoyo Stonewall
Dam: Peruvian Miri

Color: White